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I’m the manager of FCE – Fringe Cultural Entertainment Agency which Promotes Top Israeli and International Artists in Theater, Dance & visual art.

I’m a Media, New Media & Theater Professional. Expanding on a Career of over 20 Years. I Have Been Working In a Broadcast & Production Studio Doing Productions, Writing, and Doing Several Technical positions in These Fields. Also Have Been Doing content, Creative & Design Projects With Animation Studios and Advertising Companies.

Having Over 15 Years of Teaching Media, New- Media & Film I teach these Subjects including Video art In Several Institutes In Israel. I Have Been Part of the Center for Alternative Theater In Israel for almost 20 Years Doing Video art projects for the Shows, Co-Creating, and Representing the Theater. I’m Currently Working on My Own show that Will combine The artistic Statement of the Center and my Own Vision.

I Also Represent and Involved With several High Key Artists in the Field of Theater & Dance In Israel.

My New Media work also Includes Design, Content, Interactive Scriptwriting, Production & Creative. I’m also a Marketing & Pr Professional Giving Services to Commercial and Artistic clients.

I hold an academic degree in Communication + Teaching Degree and I’m a Film Major from the Camera Obscura Film & TV Academy Majored in directing & Scriptwriting.

Specialties: I have vast Professional Experience in Productions, Design, Marketing & PR in Social Media, Content & Teaching in Media New, New Media & Design. I also do Video art Projects and create with The Shlomi Center For alternative theater.


Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate in media from the Open University -Haifa
Film Studies graduate at Camera Obscura film & TV school in Haifa and Tel Aviv.
Specialization in directing and screenwriting + knowledge of digital editing.
TV production studies at Bar Ilan University.
Interactive screenwriting and design – self-study and professional experience.


19- Marketing & PR Manager for the Haifa Studio Theater.
18-19- Manager – community college Branch at Yokneam, of the national community Centers.
10-17 – Marketing and PR – for cultural centers – artists and companies. Director of the FCE –
FRINGE CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT agency which represents artists and professionals
from the fields of cultural affairs and the performing arts. The agency also promotes international
projects and cultural exchanges.
14-15 – Director of Media and Content – communications satellites.
09-17 director of national and international marketing for the Alternative theater Center in
09 – Personal Manager and Marketing Manager – Rolanda & Julien Chagrin
08 – TVINCI- International Sales Manager
08 – CREW 972 – International Marketing – the animation studio
07 FRIDO CREATIVE SOLUTIONS. content and creative director at design and advertising
06 -Producer and director at Bzaz media role at all production work for artist’s clips.
92-06 – freelance (Video Production) with a number of studios in the Northern part of Israel.
96-97 – Media officer at the Community Center of Acre. There I was producing magazines for
cable and local productions, management of communications on all aspects of
94-95 – a technician and coordinator of recordings, the video documenting services for the
Israeli courthouses establishment.
Teaching Experience:
10 – teaches video art and interactive storytelling at the Avni art Academy – Tel-Aviv.
00-08 – the Department of communication college Gordon- Director of practical and
administrative issues of the TV & communication studio at the college, teacher of production in
video, producing of TV studio program, and a producer of Educational Video Productions.
07 – taught film and video production at the democratic school in Hadera.
99-06 Teacher of interactive scriptwriting and concept for media and new media at the School of
Practical Engineering at the Technion. Teaching the following subjects:
screenwriting, directing and camera work, editing, interactive and interactive design. Mentor in
final projects at the school.
98-99 – the Department of communication at Oranim College as part of the professional; support
theoretical, technical, and practical –
the role included teaching, training, and production, the Department of Communications and the
Department and the audio-visual department at the Oranim academic college.
91-93 – a teacher at the Rothenberg center for Educational communication in Haifa, students
ages 10-18 + adults and groups from abroad. I taught their television and Telecommunications
frames ranging from teenage to adulthood. In addition there I gained experience in various
frameworks productions, where I worked in a variety of roles.
90-91 – Elementary school teacher “Kiryat Amal” Tivon teaching video communication.
90-91 – Video Guide at Karev Institute.
91-92 – Teacher at Ort Greenberg high school in Tivon teaching Film.
89-93 – providing technical and academic courses in Tivon, founder of the community television
in Tivon. The advice in this community center and to the Council. creating Productions for the
community channel.
00-17 – producer and consultant in interactive, Video-Art, and new-media projects.
15 – dramaturgy choreography for the Dance piece “ Scanned “
04 – “Intra 2004” Happening. Producing the event that dealt with digital media at the Practical
Engineering School Technion event
96-00 – productions of large video art projects: one in England, two in the Acre Festival and the
Do-Oman festival held at Habima national theater in 1998.
96-15 – creates video and artistic partner Shlomi center for Alternative Theater. “Back to the
womb”, “Concerto for the soul & percussions”,
“The State of Israel Form 50”, “Sleepers”, “The Greenhouse effect”, “Wailing Wall”,
“Way of the Artist”, “The Man Who Was Not There.” Price-Tag Acre Festival 2013.
92-96 -I Produced a number of commercial productions in a variety of positions in the private
sector projects in the areas of Media & new media.
It also included advertising for companies and private entities which included production
services, photography, and editing.
91 – Producing a film school graduation project for “Narkisim” elementary school in Tivon.
92 – stills photographer in the local newspaper covering media projects work as well as the local
election campaign.
Windows, office, explorer: Know the basic The following software computer
DREAMWEAVER director, 3D-MAX, Photoshop Graphics
Avid Software, Video Machine, Premiere, after effect, Arkaos-VJ: editing software
Hebrew-Native, Mother tongue level
English – mother tongue level
Hungarian – basic. – I also have a Hungarian EU Passport and citizenship.


  • Windows, office, explorer: Know the basic The following software computer
  • DREAMWEAVER director, 3D-MAX, Photoshop Graphics
  • Avid Software, Video Machine, Premiere, after effect, Arkaos-VJ: editing software
  • Languages:
  • Hebrew-Native, Mother tongue level
  • English – mother tongue level
  • Hungarian – basic. – I also have a Hungarian EU Passport and citizenship.


    Artists managment, Marketing, Production

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    English, Hebrew, Hungarian

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