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Dr. Covadonga

Resume posted by Covadonga in Arts.

Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Al Wusta Governorate Oman

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Dr. Covadonga Martínez, from Spain. Assistant Professor in Art and Design, searching for a position as a Full-time Art and/or Design Foundation instructor. I have experience with different kind of students from college to University levels in Spain (Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca), England (Roehampton University) and Oman (Scientific College of Design), the most recent one, where I have been working for five years in a family environment with students from different backgrounds (Iran, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman) and ways to understand art, more traditional or a little bit contemporary. In Oman, I have had the opportunity to lead and to teach foundation students to get the basic knowledge in drawing I, design studio I and design studio II (2D and 3D courses), and also I have been teaching different aspects in painting: still life (Painting I), landscape (Painting II), composition (Painting IV) and develop a senior project as part of the graduation course.


– Doctor Degree, PhD. History of Spanish Photography. Thesis: Del Pictorialismo a la fotografía moderna. La representación del campesino en la fotografía española de 1900 a 1936. Mention obtained: “Summa Cum Laude”. Advisor: Doctor Horacio Fernández Martínez. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla-La Mancha. Cuenca. Spain

– Recognition of Research Proficiency. Research Degree. Field: History of Spanish Photography. Project: “La fotografía como documento social en las Misiones Pedagógicas (1931-1936)”. Advisor: Doctor Horacio Fernández Martínez. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla-La Mancha. Cuenca. Spain.

Bachelor of Arts Degree, BA Fine Arts (Merit). Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla-La Mancha. Cuenca. Spain

Practical training courses (English, Spanish Language, Science, Maths). State School “San Fernando”. Cuenca. Spain.

Teacher Training, Primary Education (MFL: English). School of Education, University of Castilla-La Mancha. Cuenca. Spain

Employment History

Research bursary to the monograph: “Ricardo Compairé y el marco fotográfico español de entreguerras, 1920-1936”. Institute of High-Aragonese Studies (I.E.A). Huesca. Spain.

Tendencias fotográficas en España entre 1900 y 1940. Biblioteca de la Imagen, Gerona. Spain.

“Ildefonso San Agustín. Huesca en los años veinte. Retratos de una ciudad”, as part of the Signos de la Imagen exhibitions, with the collaboration of Maite Abaurre. Diputación de Huesca. Huesca.
Biography of the photographer Lorenzo Almarza included in the catalogue of the exhibition: Lorenzo Almarza. La Mirada moderna. Curator: Juan Naranjo. Diputación Provincial de Huesca

Lorenzo Almarza. El valle de Benasque en los años veinte. Diputación Provincial de Huesca
“Ricardo Compairé Escartín (1883-1965). Fotógrafo de lo cotidiano”, Argensola Magazine, no114
Spanish Biographical Encyclopedia published by the Royal Historical Academy (Real Academia de la Historia). Entries on the artists: Ricardo Compairé Escartín, Guillermo Fernández Zúñiga, Nicolás and Elías Viñuales, Antonio de Padua Tramullas and Antonio Tramullas.
“El fotógrafo de lo cotidiano”, Heraldo de Huesca, 1-11-2003 (pages. 8-9)
“La Cuenca Mística de José Ortiz-Echagüe”, Crónicas magazine, Special number. Easter, Cuenca (pages. 18-23)
“Simbología en la Capilla de los Caballeros”, La Tribuna, Special number. Easter, 14-4-2000, Cuenca (pages. 54-58)
“La imagen de San Julián en la pintura española”, La Tribuna, San Julián Events, 18-8-2000, Cuenca (pages. 50-54)


Muscat (Oman). Scientific College of Design. Group exhibition. (Photography)
Saelices (Cuenca). Paul Klee Gallery, A.C.E.A. Ten Contemporary Artists. (Painting)
Málaga. “Exposición poética, fotográfica y videográfica” Holy week in Cuenca. (Photography)
Cuenca. Faculty of Fine Arts. “Mujeres al rojo vivo”. Group Exhibition. (Painting-Drawing).
Cuenca. Independent School. La Sagrada Familia, Siervas de San José. “Arte joven”. Group exhibition. (Photography and Printmaking)
Valdecabras (Cuenca). ”Muestra de arte”. Group exhibition. (Silk-screen printing, analogical photocopy and Photography)


Cuenca. First and third prize in Photography. Colegio oficial de Diplomados en Enfermería.
Ciudad Real. First prize in artistic photography at the II Competition of Plastic Arts “Gregorio Prieto”. Faculty of Arts.



– Head of Foundation Courses (2013-2016). Assistant Professor. Scientific College of
Design. Muscat. Sultanate of Oman
Practical courses taught: Drawing I, Design Studio I, Design Studio II, Painting I (Still life),
Painting II (Landscape), Painting IV (advanced course), Senior Study. Theoretical courses:
History of Photography, Looking at photographs (both elective courses).
Teaching responsibilities include conducting workshops, organize students’ exhibitions,
trips, and guiding the students’ ART BEAT CLUB. Other responsibilities include Staff Affairs
Committee Head, member of the Quality Assurance & Enhancement Unit, member of the
College Council Committee, member of the Library Committee and member of the
Accreditation Committee.

– Teaching and Hispanic Research Assistant: Photography. Media, Culture and Language
Department. Roehampton University. London
Main responsibilities: teaching classes, both in Spanish and English a number of different
subjects: “Introduction to the Spanish Speaking World’”, “Spanish Language in Context”,
“Hispanic Culture and Society”, “Advanced Spanish Writing”, and “Spanish Beginners”, all
included in the Modern Languages Degree, and the preparation of the pedagogical
material, audio-visual resources in particular for the subjects.
Other responsibilities: working as a Spanish Language Assistant for the Language Centre
and for the Hispanic Research Centre.

– Spanish Language Assistant. Teacher.
Assist classes from Year 8 to 13. Salesian School (Chertsey), The Magna Carta School
(Staines) and Sir William Perkins School (Chertsey), United Kingdom.

– English Supply Teacher. Students from 12 to 13 years old. Santiago Grisolía, Secondary
School. Spain

– Photography Researcher at INFO-DOC., Upper Aragon. File of Photography and Image
(AFIAA). Huesca. Spain.
Tasks performed: seeking out specific images related to the photographic history of
Huesca during the 19th and 20th centuries using the archive system and other technical
skills. Research findings were put into the context of historical photographic techniques
and included in a number of publications.

– Research Assistant at the Department of Art.
Project: Variaciones de España. Fotografía y arte 1900-1980. Exhibition included in
PhotoEspaña 2004. University of Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Fine Arts. Cuenca. Spain.
Tasks performed: A selection of images related to the topic Everyday Spain was made from
the archive system to become part of the PhotoEspaña 2004 exhibition.

– Teaching Assistant at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Fine Arts. Cuenca.
Spain. History of Spanish Photography. University students The responsibilities included
lecturing on History of Photography in Spain, preparing all the pedagogical materials for
the subject, and conducting some classes and presentations.

– English Supply teacher.
Primary School. Students from 6 to 13 years old State School “Astrana Marín”. Cuenca,

– Lectures, Workshop and Courses given

. Monotyping Technique. Printmaking workshop. Scientific College of Design. Oman.
.“Ways of seeing”. A workshop on photography aimed at students with some background
in the subject and a keen interest. Scientific College of Design. Oman. Muscat.
.“Drawing on Wall”. Drawing Workshop for students that have completed Drawing I course.
Scientific College of Design. Oman. Muscat.
. “Introduction to oil painting I and II”. Children from 10 to 14. Town Council of Zarzuela.
. English teacher (extra curricular activity). Students from 10 to 13 years old. Private School
“La Sagrada Familia”, Siervas de San José. Cuenca, Spain.

. Hispanic Research Centre. Paper: “Las Misiones Pedagógicas (1931-1936): an Education
Project through Photography”. Roehampton University, London.

. Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies. Paper presentation: “Memoria histórica o
realidad social: la mujer española en la fotografía entre 1900 y 1940”. Roehampton
University, London.

Relevant Information Grants and Sponsorships:
Argo Global Grant. Research Assistant at the Department of Media, Culture and Language (Modern Languages – French, Spanish,Translation, Languages for All). Roehampton University. London


  • Art Instructor & English teacher (8 years in total)


    English Teacher / Assistant Professor-Art and Design

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