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Desired salary: 21,000.00 €
Desired position type: Any
Location: Kenley England, United Kingdom

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I have recently graduated from my Bachelor of Art (Honours) degree in Fine Art at the University of Kent. The university has provided me with an understanding of the underlying principles of Fine Art as well as an undying passion for the arts in all their forms. Alongside this, I have learned valuable and transferable skills which were developed during the time I spent at the university, both inside and outside of the conventional educational setting. It has always been a goal of mine to work within the art industry and I now feel as though I am ready to face the challenges it will present to me. My ideal setting would be curating in a contemporary art gallery. The opportunity you are providing me will enable me to progress in the art industry through gaining experience and in return I will deliver a strong performance and gain as much as I can from the position.


2011 – 2014
University of Kent; BA (Hons) Fine Art; Predicted 2:1

The course was exciting and valuable to gain both intellectual and hands-on experience with regards to developing my artistic nature. As well as this, the course taught me to evaluate, review and critique artwork of both myself and others, how to successfully curate, promote and fundraise an exhibition and the correct method to organising my own art event. I experienced the importance of collaboration on a project directly when fundraising for the final year degree show. We, as a team, obtained a vital injection of money through the online enterprise, Kickstarter. In this team I also experienced the pitching and critiquing of ideas. I also experienced transforming a space which would not usually be considered a gallery into a gallery as well as working within a traditional gallery environment. Through working in the workshop, I learnt essential skills such as welding and woodworking. Through owning a part-time job throughout all three years at university, I learnt the importance of organisation and correct time-management. I am also PC and Mac proficient.

2007 – 2011
Warlingham Sixth Form, Warlingham, Surrey

A-Levels – Art and Design, French and Mathematics


Fundraising through Kickstarter

I was a member of the fundraising team for the final year degree show. We obtained £1,100 through the online fundraising tool Kickstarter. It was an experience which taught me great deal. Most of all, it showed me the huge importance of cohesive teamwork when working upon any project, big or small. On an individual level, I took a leadership role and was placed in charge of promoting the Kickstarter page to the public. To this end, I scripted and shot a short film to be placed upon the fundraising homepage to attract attention to the cause. In this respect, it was extremely successful.

Whitstable Biennale: May 2014 – Present

I am currently working at the Whitstable Biennale as a paid invigilator as well as a volunteer to assist the whole team. From this experience I hope to gain further skills that are specific to the art industry.

Rainham Tuition Centre: January 2014- Present

I am currently a teaching assistant at the Rainham Tuition Centre in Medway. My role includes; running classes on Verbal Reasoning, and assisting classes for Maths and Literacy, for children between the ages of 8-11. Through this experience I have learnt to adapt my language and adjust my approach to correspond with the children’s needs. When working with children I have gained a greater understanding of how to approach methods of teaching, which are new and interactive to improve their understanding. I have worked with a range of children from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of abilities, which has enabled me to feel confident to face challenging situations and overcome them.

Odeon Chatham: May- December 2013

My role at Odeon was as a team member and from this responsibility I significantly enhanced my interpersonal and organisational skills. I was often given the job of delegating and supervising tasks to ensure that the team worked efficiently. I am much more confident with networking and solving problems independently as a result of this experience.

Beaconsfield Art Gallery: 2012

I assisted the head curator in the organisation of the exhibition of Rachel Garfield entitled The Struggle. I invigilated for the gallery and gained basic art admin skills.

The White lion: Summer and Christmas Holidays in 2012

I worked as a waitress and barmaid at the White Lion, Surrey. My role involved working with other staff in a team to deliver exemplary service in an upmarket bistro pub. During my time there I was trusted to handle money and encouraged to interact with customers. As a result of this I have acquired excellent customer service and communication skills as well as leadership qualities.

Medwire Magazine: 2011-2012

Working for the magazine has really taught me the the importance of working as a team, being organised, having clear communication and achieving deadlines.


  • Organisational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Curation
  • Fundraising
  • Welding
  • Woodwork
  • Leadership Skills
  • Teaching Experience
  • PC and Mac Proficient


    Educational Experience, Gallery and Exhibition Organisation and Curation, Time Management

Spoken Languages


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