Dancer, critic

Resume posted by Alice in Arts.
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Budapest Budapest, Hungary
+3670 22 66 990


I am a contemporary dancer, dance and theatre critic, and production assistant of a dance company in Budapest. I did many thing before I turned to dance. I have an economic degree as well as experience in pharmaceutical industry and tourism and catering. I speak bulgarian, hungarian, english and a bit of spanish as well.


  • Tourism and catering 5 years exp.
  • Writing, journalism, critic 5 years exp.
  • Dance-ballet,cont.,capoeira 5 years exp.

Spoken Languages

  • Bulgarian,
  • English,
  • Hungarian,
  • Spanish


2013 Budapest, Hungary

Central European Dance Theatre – contemporary dance education program

Mu Theater – contemporary dance education program

2012 Sofia, Bulgaria

Derida Dance Center,Dance Port Derida–contemporary dance education program

2011-2012 Varna, Bulgaria

Varna Free University – Choreography, Contemporary Dance Theater

2011 Budapest, Hungary

Modern dance teacher and group leader education
Hungarian Institute for Culture

2008-2011, 2013 – Budapest, Hungary

Gábor Bakó – jazz ballet
Márta Metzger – classical ballet
Melinda Buday – limon technique
Attila Kun, Hámor József, Maday Tímea Kinga, Ádám Zambricky, Zoltán Grecsó – contemporary technique


2014 Stockholm, Sweden

Cullberg Ballet residency (scholarship)

2014 Budapest, Hungary

Central Europe Dance Theatre – General Production Assistant

2013 Vienna, Austria

Theatre Brett, Carousel Theatre workshop (scholarship)

2013 Berlin, Germany

Ponderosa Movement & Discovery
Performance Module programme (scholarship)

2012 Sofia, Bulgaria

Derida Dance Center,Manager assistant of the Derida Dance Company&Center

Dance It 2012!” workshop, by Iliev Dance Art Foundation

Svetlin Velchev (Netherlands) workshop

COMPANIES 2011-2012 Varna, Bulgaria
Art Dance Company / Nina Kozina

2009 – 2012 Budapest, Hungary
„Martenica” Bulgarian Folk Dance Group